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Path to Math and Reading

The Path to Math™ Kit

Age Range
6 - 12
Board Game - Educational Skills Product - Travel Item - Toy

When children play the 20 different whole number math games in the Path to Math™ Kit, they not only practice math skills, they see and understand math. Siva Heiman, a classroom math teacher, created The Path to Math™ Kit to give children a strong foundation for a lifetime of math success. This Kit can be used at home or at school. The Kit includes the following: A 16 page colored and illustrated Book of Instructions that describes the 20 games & 16 activities. 50 die cut colorful rectangular 3mm foam Playing Pieces. 8 Game Boards. 2 Place Value Game Boards for the 6 addition & 5 subtraction games. 1 Multiplication Mat which is a grid for laying out the rectangular playing pieces for the 4 multiplication and 2 prime number games. 1 Division Device game board which is used for sharing out the game pieces for the 3 division games. 1 Number Generator Board. (Players spin for a number that tells them how many and what kind of Playing Pieces to take.) 3 Bank Boards (1 for beginners and 2 for advanced players) that function like cash boxes. (The above 8 game boards are 8.5” x 11” or smaller and are reproducible.) The Kit is suitable for anyone age 6 and up. Even older kids and adults enjoy and benefit from the games and activities. The activities are for 1 or more players. The games are for 2 to 4 players. Retail price: With 20 different games and 16 activities, The Path to Math™ Kit is a tremendous value for those parents and teachers who want their children to have a strong foundation for a lifetime of math success! It’s only $20 for the Kit packaged in a reusable bag or $24 for the Kit packaged in a reusable gift box. Student Kits, that contain only the 50 die cut rectangular game pieces, can be purchased by classroom teachers and others for as little as $6.50 each. Each Student Kit serves 2 students.


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