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MEGA Brands Magnetix Rebuttal Letter to Safety Violation Allegations

Welcome to the second portion of the 2007 collection . . .

Dr. Toy’s Best Products: Summer 2007

Play Safe this Summer / Play for Real©

Dr. Toy warns that too much TV, computer, and video game use dulls the brain, diminishes creativity, degrades physical agility and health.

Dr Toy’s Rx for Summer: Balance

Check out Dr. Toy's Vacation Playtime Pointers

Summertime provides a perfect opportunity to unwind, stretch mind and muscles, explore new places, and enjoy a change of pace. This is an important season for children to continue learning, as they play with all their energy.

Children work hard in school and need balanced playtime for healthy development…activity for physical growth, creativity for expanding imagination, and learning to keep minds alert. School requires concentration and energy, so does playtime.

Through play, the work of children, they learn essential skills in every season, but especially so in the summertime. Summertime is best spent away from too much TV and focus on electronics. Time to use the child’s “circuits” for creativity, activity and learning.

A good portion of time should be spent outdoors in age-appropriate play. Outdoor activities can take the form of skating, jump rope, bike riding, swimming, hiking, nature walks, pretend and adventure play, ball throwing, tennis, golf, basketball, and other varied activities that allow for the development of physical skills and the coordination of minds and bodies.

Exercise is more important than ever before. Varied outdoor playtime is important for all children every day. Being safe and having fun outdoors give an essential balance that complements everything else they’re doing.

Indoor play can involve creative arts like painting, on a flat surface or with large sheets of paper on an easel, or making simple things, like cut-ups or cut-out stickers like Colorform sets and paper dolls, or engaging in a favorite hobby. Many creative activities can be easily combined with listening to music for added value.

Building projects are always fun and an extension of creative play. Consider some of the construction products suggested below, such as Kapla or Mega Blocks. Other excellent product choices are included to assist you as you select playthings for a very productive and fun-filled summer vacation.

Playing helps to support children’s outlook, imagination, and expand interests. They thrive if given a chance to develop stories with puppets and dolls, learn to make things, figure out new puzzles such as “Scramble Squares,” discover the fun of reading different books, playing games, or constructing something new.

A diverse list of suggested products is included here and on drtoy.com to assist you in finding just the right products. Children have plenty of questions; they want to have conversations; and, most of all, they want to play, discover, and explore to their fullest potential.

Here are Dr. Toy’s guidelines for wholesome summer vacation playtime to help you to make the time even more balanced and fun for your child:

The product assortment gives you a number of good suggestions available from many excellent companies.

Let's Play!

Products List

Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Company Item Type(s) Ages Price Phone
Action Products Paw Print Frame AC CP 6-12 19.99 800.772.2846
Action Products I Dig Prehistoric Shark AE FP TY 6-12 13.99 800.772.2846
Alchemy Creative Adventures of the Elements AE BO CP ES FP HO NO SR TR 6-12 6.95 972.943.0200
ALEX E-Z Weavy Totebag AC CP HO TR 8-12 14.99 800.666.2539
ALEX Happy Camper Chair AC CP OP TR 3-12 23.99 800.666.2539
ALEX My Bubble Mower AE FP OP 3-12 24.99 800.666.2539
Alpine Games Sixteen CG 8-12 6.95 612.246.3000
b. dazzle Swimming Champions Scramble Squares ES NO PZ TR 4-12 8.95 800.809.4242
Baby Hindustani Learn Hindi Alphabet ES DV 3-8 16.95 415.756.9909
Bandai America Tamagotchi Connection V4 CP FP TY 8-12 14.99 714.816.9560
BeeVisual Choiceworks ES SR 3-9 79.95 508.229.0500
Blue Orange Games Bendomino BG ES TR 5-12 15.95 415.252.0372
Briarpatch Do You Look Like Your Dog? BG NO 7-12 19.99 800.232.7427
Briarpatch I Spy 3-D BG CG ES 5-12 24.99 800.232.7427
Briarpatch Newton's Apples BG ES 7-12 24.99 800.232.7427
Briarpatch Mix 'N Match Bingo BG ES 3-12 12.99 800.232.7427
Briarpatch Thomas Making Tracks Game BG ES 4-12 24.99 800.232.7427
Center Enterprises Paint & Clay Explorers AC CP ES HO ST 3-12 10.95 800.542.2214
Chronicle Books Animal Lacing Cards AC TR TY 3-5 14.95 800.722.6657
Chronicle Books World Almanac Puzzler Deck CP ES HO PZ 6-12 9.95 800.722.6657
Concord Camera OnGuard Kids Safety System SR 6-12 19.95 888.363.1813
Darda Jay Jay the Jet Plane CO CP ES HO NO TS TY 4-8 44.99 800.877.7171
Dolly Adventures Dolly Goes to the Beach BO CP ES FP SR TR TY 2-8 19.95 866.363.6559
Dolly Adventures Dolly Goes to the Supermarket BO CP ES FP SR TR TY 2-8 19.95 866.363.6559
Dragonfly Innovation Artist Trading Cards AC CP ES SR TR TY 8-12 24.95 800.998.8097
Dragonfly Innovation Puzzle It Out AC CP ES PZ TY 4-12 24.95 800.998.8097
EDC Publishing See Inside Science BO ES 7-12 12.99 800.747.4522
EDC Publishing Paper Making Kid Kit AC CP ES SR 6-12 17.99 800.747.4522
Educational Insights North Pole Camouflage CP ES PZ TR TY 7-12 19.99 800.995.4436
Emines Roll 'n Divide BG ES TR 8-12 24.99 408.247.3298
Evolving Toys Civil Lore! BG 12-12 29.95 888.218.7171
Folkmanis Dutch Rabbit Puppet CP FP PL PU 3-12 24.00 800.654.8922
Folkmanis Hummingbird Finger Puppet CP FP PU TR 3-12 6.00 800.654.8922
Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Puppet CP FP PU TR 3-12 38.00 800.654.8922
Folkmanis Zebra & Giraffe Stage Puppet CP FP PU 3-12 16.00 800.654.8922
Foreign Language Trivia Game Foreign Language Learning Game AE BG CD ES 3-12 24.99 603.964.5794
Fox Home Ent. Robots Follow Along DVD DV 9-12 14.98 310.369.5369
Fox Home Ent. Stellaluna Follow Along DVD DV 9-12 14.98 310.369.5369
Fox Home Ent. Thumbelina Follow Along DVD DV 9-12 14.98 310.369.5369
Free Spirit Pub. Ready to Rock Kids CD 4-9 14.95 800.735.7323
Funstreet Pile It Card Game CG ES 6-12 9.99 800 901 9820
Gamewright Hats Off CG ES TR 6-12 5.99 800.638.7568
Gamewright Step to It! AE CG ES 5-12 11.99 800.638.7568
Gamewright Thataway CG ES TR 8-12 5.99 800.638.7568
Gamewright Toss Your Cookies AE CG ES 8-12 11.99 800.638.7568
Happy Kid Co. Original Fortamajig AE CO CP ES FP OP TR TY 3-12 69.95 800.617.0474
Harebrain WhisperPhone CP EQ ES FP 6-12 7.95 877.535.4240
HR Press Health & Wellness Record BO 0-12 24.99 705.721.4981
Imagination Box Paintable Dollhouse AC CP DH FP 5-12 19.95 208.265.2699
Jester & Pharley Phund Jester Book & Pharley Doll BO PL 3-8 20.00 800.953.7637
Juno Baby Original Music AT CD ML TR 0-12 16.00 415.460.6415
Kidkraft Grill 'N Bake Kitchen ES FP 3-8 249.00 800.933.0771
Kids II Takealong Tunes ML TR 1m-12m 7.99 800.230.8190
Kids Love Spanish Kids Love Spanish ES TR DV 2-8 99.99 480.415.9012
Kingka Matching & Memory Game BG ES PZ 3-12 29.99 888.890.6847
Learning Resources World Traveler FP 3-5 32.95 800.222.3909
Learning Resources Color Play Penguins AE OP TY 2-5 15.96 800.222.3909
Lockmade Konstruk-Tubes CO CP ES 6-12 29.95 941.920.3506
McNeill Designs You've been Sentenced! CG ES 8-12 24.95 866.520.2555
MEGA Brands Building Imagination Bag CO CP ES TR TY 1-5 14.99 800.465.6342
MEGA Brands Lil’ Firetruck CO CP ES OP TR TY 1-5 9.99 800.465.6342
MEGA Brands The Empress CO CP ES FP TY 6-12 39.99 800.465.6342
MEGA Brands Mountain Peak Expedition CO CP ES HO TR TY 8-12 19.99 800.465.6342
MGA Beach Ball Sprinkler AE OP 1 1/2-12 14.99 888.222.4685
MGA XO Brain Test XO EG ES SW TR VG 7-12 14.00 888.222.4685
Mr. McGroovy's Box Rivets AC CO CP ES FP NO OP 3-12 8.95 925.518.9148
Museum Tour Catalog WonderMaze AC CO CP ES NO PZ TY 3-12 39.95 800.360.9116
Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe EG ES 5-12 129.99 800.853.8883
Parents® by Battat Pop Bead AC CP 4-12 14.99 800.247.6144
Patch Products Can-Do Roo AE BG ES PL TY 4-12 14.99 800.524.4263
Patch Products ShakeDown AE BG 7-12 24.99 800.524.4263
Peaceable Kingdom Sticker Activity Tote CP ES FP TR 3-12 8.95 877.444.5195
Piano for Preschoolers Piano for Preschoolers CP ES ML 3-5 49.95 866.901.1041
Playhut Crawl N Play AE CP FP OP TR 3-5 29.99 888.752.9488
Playhut Megaland AE CP FP OP TR 3-5 49.99 888.752.9488
Playmobil Knight's Castle Microworld CP DO FP TR TS 6-8 8.99 800.752.9662
Professor Pocket Our Silly Farm Adventure CD CP ES ML TR 2-8 15.95 704.258.8888
Breyer Animal Creations Blackjack BO TY 8-12 50.00 973.694.5006
Rex Games Travel Tangoes ES PZ TR 5-12 8.99 800.542.6375
Rock 'N Learn Dance with the Animals AE ES FP ML DV 3-5 19.99 800.348.8445
Schoenhut Piano 5-Piece Junior Drum Set TY 6-12 160.00 888.414.2739
Scribble Mats! Scribble Puzzles AC CO CP ES NO PZ TR TY 3-12 5.00 877.543.3248
Secret Mountain Treasure in My Garden BO ML DV 2-6 16.95 514.483.9281
Signing Time! Leah's Farm ES DV 1-8 21.99 801.226.0223
Smart Picks Fish Who Wished…Eat Fruit BO TR 1-8 15.95 216.226.6173
Smarterville Hooked on First Grade BO CD ES SW DV 5-7 99.99 888.605.5055
Smarterville Discover Reading Baby BO CD ES SW DV 3m-18m 99.99 888.605.5055
Smarterville Discover Reading Toddler BO CD ES SW DV 18m-3y 99.99 888.605.5055
SmartLab Toys ArtLab: Clay Studio AC AE BO CO CP FP 7-12 19.99 866.319.5900
SmartLab Toys 1st Grade Challenge BO EG ES TR 6-12 19.99 866.319.5900
Snap TV Games MLB Trade Up BG FP DV 6-9 29.99 800.963.6010
Straight Edge Beach Read a Mat CP ES 3-5 5.49 800.732.3628
Taggies Flower Me Fun AE FP PL TY 1m-12y 19.95 877.482.4443
Taggies Touchdown TAGGIES AE FP OP PL TY 1m-12y 19.95 877.482.4443
Techno Source Rubik's Revolution CP EQ ES TS 5-12 19.99 212.725.4500
Think Fun Hot Spot ES TR 8-12 17.00 800.468.1864
Ttalf Yackle Ball AE CP ES FP HO OP SR TR TY 2-12 19.95 704.528.1130
University Games Big Brain Academy BG CP ES 8-12 24.99 800.347.4818
University Games Dora Fold & Play Set CP FP TR TY 3-8 9.99 800.347.4818
University Games Horton Hears A Who! CG ES FP TR TY 4-12 6.99 800.347.4818
University Games Polly the Porcupine Game ES FP PZ TY 4-12 15.98 800.347.4818
University Games Caterpillar Fun Pocket CP FP TR TY 3-8 5.99 800.347.4818
Wild Republic Steve Irwin Figure AE CP DO ES OP SR 4-12 22.00 800.800.9678
Wonderfun Bop-A-Lots DVD CD CP ES FP ML SR DV 6m-4y 19.95 888.267.2568
Wowwee FlyTech Dragonfly TY 8-12 49.99 800.310.3033
Zabazoo RUKSHUK BG CG ES PZ SR 8-12 24.95 877.528.5252

Key to Item Types:
AC - Arts & Crafts AE - Active Toy AP - Activity Product AT - Audio Tape
BG - Board Game BO - Book CD - CD CE - Entertainment
CG - Card Game CM - CD-ROM CO - Construction Toy CP - Creative Product
CR - Computer Related CS - Costume DH - Dollhouse DO - Doll
DV - DVD EG - Electronic Game EL - Electronic Product EQ - Equipment
ES - Educational Skills FP - Fantasy Play GE - Game HO - Hobby
ML - Musical MM - Multimedia NO - Novelty OP - Outdoor Play
OT - Other PL - Plush Toy PT - Pool Toy PU - Puppet
PZ - Puzzle RS - Rubber Stamp SC - Science SR - Socially Responsible
ST - Stamps SW - Software TR - Travel Item TS - Transportation
TY - Toy UN - Unique Product VG - Video Game VT - Video Tape
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