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Zoppa Records

The Musical Verses Collection, Vols. 1,2,3

Age Range
1 m - 12 y
Book - CD - Educational Skills Product - Musical - Socially Responsible - Travel Item

A delightful collection of poems, music and art ignites the imagination of children and adults alike. These three beautifully illustrated books of turn-of-the-century children’s poems set to melody and sung as an inter-active tool are wonderful, magical journey that help children jump-start their road to reading as well as build an appreciation for poetry. Reading along with a melody helps children relate to the words being sung and at the same time receive a lesson in music theory. This set grows with the child. The first volume designed for babies and their moms is ideal for relaxing and calming before bedtime or after a hectic day. The second brings in the element of fairy fantasy which will engross preschoolers and the early grades as well. The third volume is more spirited and upbeat and what we refer to as “Frolic Rock” designed for elementary grades and up, A total of 44 songs, the collection covers a wide variety of different musical styles and is a wonderful way to expose children to the world of music, classic poetry and artwork all at the same time.


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