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Free Spirit Publishing

Be the Boss of Your Pain

Age Range
8 - 12

Every kid needs to see a doctor sometimes. But kids can do a lot to take care of their own health and wellness. Helping kids look at their health from a holistic perspective—considering body, mind, and spirit—and teaching them self-care skills sets the stage for lifelong wellness and balance. The new Be the Boss of Your Body™ series shows kids new ways to cope with common problems like dealing with stress, managing pain, and getting a good night’s sleep using simple techniques they can do themselves. In these lively, accessible, and medically sound books, kids learn proven complementary therapy techniques such as belly breathing, aromatherapy, biofeedback, acupressure, and positive thinking to help them take charge of their health. Each book can be purchased along with a kit that includes easy-to-use-tools: a pinwheel (to help with breathing exercises), an acupressure tool, a stress ball, biofeedback card, a quick-start card (a quick self-care activity), a carabiner (for attaching the cards to backpacks), and reminder stickers. These kid-friendly tools make practicing self-care easy and fun. After reading any of the books in the series, kids will know that being the boss of their body means knowing that body, mind, and spirit are connected and work together. It means knowing how to use those connections to feel better and stay healthy. And what kid doesn’t want to be the boss?


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