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ComfyWare Ltd

Adventure in Numberland Software

Age Range
3 - 5
CD - Electronic Game - Educational Skills Product - Software

A new game has joined Comfy's product line: An adventure in numberland. The game isaimed at preschoolers to help child learn the concept of number, become aware of the quantity of items and how addition and subtraction affect quantity. Understanding and internalizing of small numbers constitutes a basis for internalizing tasks of number conservation. Comfy's number game exposes children to the concepts of number in an experiential and joyful manner. The game invites children to know small numbers and practice change in form, pattern and appearance. It encourages their natural curiosity and enables them to experience quantitative tasks in a playful and joyous way. Comfy's amiable and recognized images accompany the children in a journey in Numberland, instill in them confidence in learning and supply positive feedbacks, confidence, senses of pleasure and satisfaction. All this takes place in a playing environment which is spectacular, varied and aesthetic. The game supports three levels of difficulty, which enables the game to accompany children in the learning process and supply them with a developing learning process through setting challenges that are accommodated to the child's individual stage. Through a frame of an experiential story, children are exposed to numbers in various ways. The game is built as a mini quest for toddlers. Hero, Jumpy, wakes up one morning to the sound of his alarm clock. He angrily turns off the clock, mumbling at the clock digits that have dared to wake him up, and goes back to sleep. The digits, decide to teach Jumpy a lesson.


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