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Steps4Kids LLC

Steps4Kids™ to Write Their ABCs

Age Range
4 - 7
Educational Skills Product - DVD

Designed by an occupational therapist with over a decade of experience teaching handwriting in schools and private settings, your child will learn to write with this useful DVD that contains 3 tracks to help educators & parents support children learning to write or those struggling to write. Track 1: Writing Basics (for teacher/parent support): Provides useful tips on seating, setting and pencil grips and offers suggestions on how to recognize and correct common writing problems (e.g. hyper extended or wrapped thumbs, slouching and left hand writing issues).Track 2: uppercase (for children) - provides easy-to-follow visual and verbal demonstrations of how to write manuscript uppercase letters on lined paper. Each letter is preceded by an introduction to sight words and letter sounds. Simple drawings using letters are used throughout to provide breaks, keep children engaged and help them have fun! Track 3: Lowercase (for children): provides the same at Track 2 but using lowercase letters. Track 3 also has a special section at the end with easy-to-remember writing tips to help children avoid letter reversals. Included is information on how to access free writing templates to further help with writing.


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