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Hasbro Games/Milton Bradley

The Game of Life Twists & Turns

Age Range
9 - 12
Board Game

Players choose between four different non-linear paths while pursuing their life goals: Live it (adventure track), Love It (family track), Learn It (education track), and Earn It (career track). In this edition, the winner is not the person who accumulates the most money, but rather the one who earns the most “LIFE Points.” Choose your career, your path, and even your game length on the electronic LIFEPod. On your turn, the electronic LIFEPod acts as a personal assistant storing your money on a Visa-branded game card and keeping track of your finances and status in the game. Use the four quadrants of the gameboard to live the life you choose and earn LIFE Points which help you win the game. At the end of the game, the LIFEPod will automatically convert everything you own (including cars, houses, and cash) into LIFEPoints. 2-6 players. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Many other amazing games available. Remember to play games every week and your child will greatly benefit.


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