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Treasure Bay Inc

We Both Read (Book Series)

Age Range
4 - 7

This is a series of books specifically designed to allow children to take turns reading aloud with their parents! The books invite parents to read the left-hand pages, which feature more complex text and storyline. Then, children are encouraged to read the right-hand pages, which feature less complex text, specifically leveled to their ability. The format of the books provide ample opportunity for the child to practice reading at their level of ability, while also providing the opportunity to relax and listen to more fluent reading and more complex text, which enhances comprehension and interest in the story. The result is more enjoyment, more reading time and the child’s increasing desire to read. Developed with reading education specialists, series offers both fiction and nonfiction books in five different reading levels. Many schools are now using the series, primarily as “take-home” books, to increase the involvement of parents in childrens reading development. The series features work by some of today’s most renowned illustrators and writers for children.


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