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Around the World LLC

Around the World - The Ultimate Global Boardgame

Age Range
8 - 12
Board Game - Educational Skills Product - Socially Responsible - Travel Item

This board game is a hands-on tool that provides teaching about the People, Places, Customs, Cultures, Geography and Languages of the world and offers a virtual experience of traveling around the world! Expands your knowledge about the world we live in and provides a platform for bridging the cultural gap. Ride the Channel Tunnel through Paris, walk through the streets of Bangkok, visit temples in Nepal, and dive among sea turtles in Australia as your young traveler and you voyage the board game’s primary categories of Culture & Customs, Geography, Language, and People & Places. Prepare children to contribute to a growing culturally diverse country. Valuable tool for understanding, vocabulary and literacy skills! Encourages diversity and cultural communication! Works well as a study aid in many subject areas! Use in classrooms and home. Up to 20 players can play with one board game. The object is to travel around the world by answering questions correctly and gaining tokens to fill up your Global scorecard. Players roll the dice and "travel" according to the number on the dice. Players navigate their travels through the spaces they land on. Players need to correctly answer four questions in each category to win. The first player to "travel around the world" and fill in their Global scorecard wins. The more places you travel the more fun it is to play! Game includes: 1 Die, 5 Player Pieces, 1 Board, 5 Global Scorecards, 25 World Bank Cards, 10 World Wonder Cards, 200 Category Cards, 15 Gems and 48 Score Tokens.


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