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Cheeky Chick

Age Range
12 m - 24 m
Outdoor Play - Travel Item - Toy

This foot-to-floor tricycle for toddlers and early walkers helps them to learn the fundamentals of locomotion. It is fully collapsible to make the item portable and easy to store. The two wheels at the front are spaced wide apart to provide good stability. The rear wheel is extra wide to further increase the stability of the ride-on. The front wheels are spaced far apart so that they do not interfere with the toddlers feet. The back is shaped very narrow to make it easy for the toddler to get on and off the tricycle. The handlebar has been raised to offer the child firm support when the child is pushing the tricycle from the front, thus learning to walk better. The grip is made from soft TPR, a very durable material with a soft touch. There is no steering to enable even the youngest toddler to operate Cheeky Chick. A carrying strap is included and stored underneath the seat in a child-proof compartment. The strap allows the parent to carry Cheeky Chick and still have both hands free to look after the child. An optional parent handle is available. The design is modern, with soft curves, bright, and non-gender specific colors. Cheeky Chick is a gentle looking ride-on with elegant curves and generous proportions. No assembly required is required, the toy is ready right out of the box.

Dimensions: seat height 26 cm, width front legs 57 cm, length 49, weight 5.7 lbs. Price ranges from $59.95-$64.95.


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