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Froggy Phonics

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product

Froggy Phonics is a fun new board game that is perfect for building early reading skills! Players take turns spinning the phonics spinner, and then they all race to be the first to find a matching word on their lily pads. For example if the spinner says “beginning sound TH” then the players may put their playing pieces down on the work think, Thursday or three. Each game includes two spinners, one for each of the skills, which are addressed separately on a double-sided game board. Each of the four players receives four color-coded “froggy” playing chips that picture a funny frog making a silly face! The first player to put down all of their froggies wins. Reading skills are probably the most important skill learned in school, and initially developing those skills is often the most difficult step. Phonics is overwhelmingly the most popular manner of developing early reading skills. Froggy Phonics practices the same skills as workbooks and flashcards, but in an exciting, fast-paced format that will appeal to all early learners. It is perfect for both the early childhood classroom and the home. Plus, Froggy Phonics meets the requirements for Title 1 and Reading First funds in most districts, which makes it an affordable game for schools everywhere. Directions and an answer key are conveniently located on the bottom of the box. Froggy Phonics is available in two different levels: Beginning and ending Consonants & Blends and Digraphs & Diphthongs. Each game is designed for 2-4 players or teams.


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