Made for you Music - My Journey to the Land of Imagination

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My Journey to the Land of Imagination

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My Journey to the Land of Imagination. This full-length personalized CD will take your child on a magical journey through the Land of Imagination. Your child’s magical adventure will include talking with animals, shrinking in size and flying through outer space. Because the CD is personalized with your child’s name throughout, it will soon become a household favorite. The amazed look on your child’s face when hearing the CD for the first time is absolutely priceless and will make for a lifelong memory.

Your child’s name is featured more than fifty times throughout the ten personalized songs on the album - more than any other personalized album on the market. With over 7500 names available, we have almost every name imaginable. Each song is recorded one name at a time in a professional recording studio. This is the only company to use a special patent-pending technology to create personalized CDs to provide the best in sound quality in addition to full-color packaging and a color CD imprinted with your child’s name. The music is catchy, creative and fun for both kids and parents.

The CD was produced by a team of experienced music producers who know how to make great children’s music. All the songs promote positive messages that serve to boost a child’s self-esteem, and the album covers a wide variety of different musical styles to expose children to the wonderful world of music!


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