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Your child will delight with high-tech system that allows them to customize, personalize and stylize their own virtual companion. It is a character-based toy that you can plug into a computer and enter into an online community. MIUCHIZ is an interactive world in which you can explore, play games, and chat with your friends and more. The object of the game is to become part of the MIUCHIZ community, which features your favorite characters from the MGA universe. Depending on your character you will have different things to do and live for: MIUCHIZ Bratz Babyz for fashion play and fun, MIUCHIZ Bratz Pawz for adventure in gaming and MIUCHIZ Monsterz for battles and brawling. The one player mode includes a menu full of game play options. Each unit comes with 3 games. The two player mode lets you wirelessly interact with your friends, “call out” to other MIUCHIZ characters, beam gifts and compete in games. The system includes a full color screen, real voice activation, touch screen response, joy pad and motion sensors, IR sensor for 2 player mode and USB cord to connect directly to computer. This toy requires 3 “AAA” batteries (included).

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