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Family Pastimes - Search and Rescue

Family Pastimes

Search and Rescue

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product
Socially Responsible

Search and Rescue: This game if full of adventure and role playing. Four areas in the Park are reserved for exploration, a Lake with an island, There are different terrains--Desert conditions, Mountainous Trails & Forest Paths. Stormy weather comes up and a child, a young woman, an older man and a family of five are missing. Two to 12 Players become a Search and Rescue Team to find and rescue the missing persons. Players share equipment, develop strategies and cope with mounting storm centers and other challenges. Contents of game includes: Board 12” x 12” showing four Park Areas, Cards depicting Motor Power, Horn Heller, InfraRed Binoculars, Trained Search Dog, GPS Tracker, Storm Passes, Rescue Equipment of Jeep, Helicopter, Boat & Searchers, 4 People Tokens, 28 Storm Tokens, and Rules. Dedicated to the brave men & women who do SAR.


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