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Raggedy Ann & Andy

Age Range

These are 16" classic cloth dolls your child will enjoy. Each doll has the trademark heart that says " I love you." The floppy soft cloth dolls were first introduced in 1915 and re-introduced by RUSS in 2005. Your child will enjoy the reddish yarn hair, candy heart and red-striped legs of these dolls. They will learn about friendship and build communication skills as they take their new friends along wherever they go. These dolls bring back a lot of nostalgia and joy. Add the book for a reading aloud and enrich your child's appreciation of the dolls and their history.

History of Raggedy Ann and Andy

In 1915 Johnny Gruelle wrote a story to amuse his sick daughter. It was about his daughter, Marcella's devotion to the rag doll her great-grandmother made for her grandmother that she found in the attic of their house. Raggedy Ann was born in 1918 with the publication of the first book. Raggedy Andy, the doll's brother, was born in 1920. Ann and Andy have starred in numerous books, comics, cartoons, movies and even a musical. Raggedy Ann was especially popular during the Depression and World War II because she reminded people of times gone by.

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