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Endurance Publications Marcel The Mountain Biker
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Endurance Publications

Marcel The Mountain Biker

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This publication is a story of motivation and courage. "Simon Makes Waves" and "Marcel Moves Mountains" are two books that help children to understand the importance of staying physically fit while having the courage to overcome the problems that one might face. The author of these stories, Jeff Lapin is an extreme athlete and fitness expert. He was in a car accident that left him seriously debilitated. Sheer determination was required in order for him to get back into the shape that he was in before the accident. "Marcel the Mountain Biker" is a story about having a dream and working hard to achieve it. This book is part of a series of 10 other books and characters that are coming soon. There are plush companion dolls to go along with the books. Lance Armstrong's coach agrees that these educational books will help children to enjoy the world of competitive sports while teaching valuable safety lessons. They have been favorably reviewed by The School Library Journal.

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