Tips for Working with an Independent Toy Designer or Inventor

Independent toy inventor/designer

Many of the hottest toys on the market reach industry professionals like yourself through independent designers and inventors. These are a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds ranging from artists and industrial designers to moms and avid tinkerers. You can't always spot the most creative minds from their resume, and you never know where the next hot new idea will come from.

There are basically two ways to work with an independent designer or inventor:

  1. License work they have done on their own (proprietary designs or inventions)
  2. Hire them as temporary contractors or consultants

By reviewing proprietary work you may stumble across the next hot new toy. If you are looking to fill a specific space in your line however, you may benefit more from having fresh eyes look at your specific needs and work on solutions tailored to you.

Here are a few tips for working with inventors and independent toy designers. Make some of these folks part of your extended professional network and reap the rewards:

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