Increasing Success And Publicity Without Any Expenses?

Daniel Wiechert

Disegno®: The Papermaker

Increase your success and give a good impression to your customers—with something which gets around and will become your business card. On the top of that, it should make you stand out around your competitors and, if possible, it should be free of charge.

Is that possible?

Yes it is...just use the right kind of gift wrapping! It shall sample out properly and inspire the children. A high-grade packing in bright colors which the parents also like and which brightens up the image of your shop.

You may think it is only torn open and thrown away...?

What about if this wrapping is not simply torn open and thrown away? If it encourages the fantasy of the children and inspires them to tell stories? If this packing is made up in the same way as a picture-book and you may cut out the particular motives and put them together to new stories or hang it up as a poster?

This would forward the creativity of the children at home in a playful way and extend the fun of a present. Your customers will appreciate this immediately.

And if you save time in wrapping as the high-quality paper does not tear and is easy-to-fold? Then you may invest the time which you saved in "more" client consulting.

Additionally, a fancy packing will give a particular value to the present. It underlines the high-quality range in your shop. Your customers will recompense your special service with a completely satisfied purchase. They would like to come back and will recommend your shop.

This packing will pay off in short time. By using this, you will get the advantages with almost no extra cost compared to a standard packing. This means without expenses!

Apart from the gift wrapping, there are many other packing products which go with the paper: e.g. paper shopping bags, paper merchandise bags, gift certificates, boxes, tags for presents, and many more. This packing concept will get around the whole town and will advertise for your shop free of any charge!

Disegno delivers such an "added value" gift wrapping. Just have a look at our website Since 1989, Disegno produces gift wrappings appropriate for children for the specialized trade. This brings a lot of fun to children and adults in more than 30 countries.

Daniel Wiechert
Disegno®: The Papermaker
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