10 Commandments for Success

Richard Levy

  1. Do not take yourself too seriously. Don't take your idea too seriously either. The world will probably survive without your idea. Industry will survive without your idea. You may need it to survive, but no one else does.
  2. The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep running. It is a mistake to think that anything is made overnight except newspapers and baked goods.
  3. You can't do it all yourself. My success continues to be the result of unselfish, highly talented, motivated, created partners and associates. I have also been fortunate to have worked with brilliant executives.
  4. Keep your ego under control. An out of control ego kills more projects than anything. Arrogance has no place in this business.
  5. You will always miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Never be afraid to make mistakes. The biggest mistake is not making any. The biggest risk is not taking any.
  6. Do not invent just for the financial rewards. We all want to make money. This is only natural. But people who do things for money alone frequently get shortchanged. Remember that pigs get fat while hogs get slaughtered.
  7. If you live by the crystal ball, learn to eat glass. Not everything works. And for every action you'll encounter criticism. Do not whine about mistakes, learn from them. Fix the problem, not the blame.
  8. Learn to take rejection. Do not be turned off by the word "no" because you'll hear it often, as in "No we are not looking for something like that now." I see rejection simply as rehearsal before the big event.
  9. Believe in yourself. Permit nothing to affect the integrity of your mind.
  10. Sell yourself first and then your ideas. Be concerned how you are perceived. You may be capable of dreaming up all kinds of great ideas, but if you cannot command the respect and attention of corporate executives, et. al. you may never get a chance to strut your stuff.

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