Technology & Kids: ‘Jay Jay The Jet Plane' Lands at Love Field

Frontiers of Flight Museum Launches Exhibit

While more than millions of travelers will board aircraft during the holiday season to visit loved ones, there is one plane that has found a permanent hangar at Dallas Love Field's Frontiers of Flight Museum.

"We opened the ‘Jay, Jay The Jet Plane' exhibit in June," said Dan Hamilton, Executive Director, Frontiers of Flight Museum. "The exhibit was a gift from one of our board members in memory of their daughter who passed due to cancer."

The exhibit features a climbing control tower and a theater with five different "Jay Jay" episodes children can select by pushing "Movie Buttons." The buttons are child-friendly located about a yard up the theater wall so little ones can reach their selection. There is also a plane where children can sit in the cockpit, experience passenger flight and also take a quick exit down a yellow slide from the tail of the Jet Plane.

The exhibit is popular with parents and kids as children can ‘have their cake and eat it too' here at the museum," said Hamilton. "We offer space to host birthday parties that has become quite popular with our ‘Jay, Jay' exhibit."

The museum licensed the exhibit from Porchlight Entertainment who produces the popular program that is featured on Public Broadcast stations nationwide, according to Hamilton.

"The Jay Jay The Jet Plane series has been renewed by PBS through June 2006 and will maintain its prized position among the PBS KIDS block of programming," according to Phil Johnson, Porchlight's CEO and Executive Producer of the award-winning animated series. "Jay Jay and his Tarrytown friends have been educating and entertaining PBS Kids' ardent viewers since 2001."

PBS has over 300 stations and currently reaches 99% of all US households and will distribute Jay Jay the Jet Plane via its digital channel PBSKIDS, which now reaches more than 25 million households.

For those who can't get to the Frontiers of Flight Museum, they can visit Jay Jay The Jet Plane at for the hangar of online activities at

The Frontiers of Flight Museum's website is located at

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