11-Year-Old Cassidy Goldstein's Crayon Holder a hit; inspires a contest

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 2004--By Kids For Kids Co., "BKFK," today announced a distribution deal for its commercially available kid-invented product, The Crayon Holder, with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. The BKFK Crayon Holder makes drawing easier for little hands. A simple but brilliant product, the crayon holder can hold the smallest piece of crayon and still draw.

Invented by Cassidy Goldstein at the age of eleven, The Crayon Holder solved a common problem: how to grip crayons when they are broken and too small to use. Confronted with a bucket of broken crayons, Cassidy pondered a way to make use of them to finish her drawing. Inspired by the plastic tubes used to keep roses fresh while being transported, Cassidy created a holder that would grab the small pieces of a broken crayon.

The crayon holder also benefits children who find the small crayons hard to handle, and it helps keep fingers clean. The BKFK Crayon Holder packaging features Cassidy and her story as an inspiration to other kids that they too can invent and turn ideas into profits.

An immediate hit, Cassidy was awarded U.S. patent number 6,402,407 and has another patent pending. Cassidy went on to become a Student Board Member of the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors. The Crayon Holder is licensed by By Kids For Kids to Rand International of Farmingdale, N.Y. "I'm thrilled that the Crayon Holder is available in Wal-Mart stores to benefit other kid artists," said inventor Cassidy Goldstein.

To help find more ideas like the crayon holder (see above), By Kids for Kids has partnered with Xerox in a major nationwide search. The national invention competition, open to kids between ages 5 and 19, seeks innovative ideas for toys, games, sporting goods and other products created by kids for other kids. Grand prize winners will receive the prestigious Chester Award. The award is named after Chester Carlson, inventor of xerography and a great symbol of the innovative spirit. The Chester Award winners will receive a licensing contract from BKFK, legal support to patent the invention (if patentable), professional expertise to bring the product to market, and approximately $1,000 worth of Xerox technology. Winners will also name a supporting teacher to receive a $1,000 prize value.

There is no fee to enter the competition. Interested kid inventors must submit their invention ideas through the BKFK Web site at : www.bkfk.com no later than Dec. 15, 2004. Winners will be announced at The International Licensing Show in June 2005. "Kids have tremendous creative potential that has not been recognized for commercial application," said Daniel Gwartz, COO of By Kids For Kids Co. "Ideas like Cassidy's crayon holder demonstrate the true potential of kids to innovate and we are honored to have Wal-Mart taking the lead in supporting her product. The benevolence of Wal-Mart in supporting America's young entrepreneurs makes them an ideal fit for BKFK.

About By Kids For Kids Co.

By Kids For Kids(TM) (BKFK(TM)), a closely held corporation based in Stamford, is a groundbreaking new venture entirely dedicated to inspire the innovative spirit within every kid. BKFK inspires and rewards kids for innovation excellence and encourages young people to pursue problem solving in their education and careers. By Kids For Kids transforms these ideas into commercial products where the kids earn self-esteem, business experience and royalties. BKFK represents some of the most brilliant young minds in America.

For more information about BKFK please visit: www.bkfk.com.

For photos of Cassidy and her invention please visit the BKFK press room: www.bkfk.com/about/imagelibrary.asp .

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