Dr. Toy's Travel Fun

On your last plane ride, was there a child crying or restlessly pushing on the seat behind you? Before you take a trip with your child, carefully prepare ahead to avoid upsetting other passengers, your child, or yourself.

Create a "Travel Fun Bag" for your child. Inside put a selection of the following: a notebook, coloring book, box of crayons, washable markers, stamp set and pad, one or two handheld games, a tape recorder and tapes, a travel game, a couple of books, an assortment of LEGOs, a couple of hand puppets, a travel Etch-A-Sketch®, maps, and other small favorite toys.

Dr.Toy recommends these other great products for travel fun:

Children's attention span is not long, but these products will offer activities to focus their attention and encourage them to be good, creative travelers -- much to the relief of everyone else.

Let's play!

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