Dr. Toy: Tops are Tops

It's always the right time to turn on the imagination. Fortunately, plenty of choices for creative fun are available. One of Dr. Toy's favorite toys is the classic top. They are magical and easy to use. Tops teach the child about gravity. They focus attention, aide eye-hand coordination, improve small muscle dexterity and children (and adults) are awed by the spinning.

The classic top is made of wood. You can also find tops made from plastic or metal. It may be simple or decorated, with a plain knob or a push down handle to make it spin. Whatever design you find, your child will be fascinated with a top.

TopLine Toys has created wonderful, innovative tops that offer your child extra value. TopLine Toys improved the classic top by adding a washable pen. With these changes their DoodleTop draws designs as it spins! Children will have lots of fun with a large sheet of paper, a Doodle Top and a few replaceable or magic pens. The tops cost only a few dollars. The new "Art & Science Creativity Set" includes a well-illustrated activity playbook plus blank disks to create personalized tops.

TopLine helps their community by hiring and training many developmentally disabled workers. This company is tops in our book. For more information about DoodleTops call 800-858-9194.

Dr. Toy responds to the parent who is getting ready to travel with their 3 month old baby for the first time and asks what to take along.

Dr. Toy suggests creating a "Baby Playbag," with a rattle, a soft puppet, a tape recorder and soothing tapes. Baby will enjoy watching the puppet and responding to the rattle. The music will help baby and mother to relax when its time to sleep.

Let's play!

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