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The world of computers may still be a struggle for you, but your child may be ready to explore electronic learning. You can learn with your child if you share the exciting learning opportunities that lie ahead. New software can bring new worlds of information. Balance your child's time spent with computers with books and other activities. Monitor your child's usage and select products carefully. Make selections based on age, topics of interest and skills. Both of you can enjoy the computer and can have fun with these products. Here are some of Dr. Toy's selections from Best Software Products.

Big Top Productions

Keroppi Day Hopper

7-12 yrs.
Encourages creative abilities, journal writing and self-expression. Includes organizational skills, calendar and address book.

Computer Curriculum Corp.

Total Amazon

8-12 yrs.
Exotic locations, animals, and learning about the changing environment. Includes habitats, rain forest, the indigenous people, plus The Macmillan Dictionary for Children.


Radio Addition

3-8 yrs.
Helps to understand math with music, games and animation.

Discovery Channel Multimedia

Ocean Planet Smithsonian

10-12 yrs.
Unlock the mysteries of the vast ocean with videos and information.


Destination: Rain Forest

6-12 yrs.
Enter the Rainforest to learn language skills plus important facts and discoveries about the rainforest.

Hartley Courseware

Dr. Peet's Talk Writer

4-8 yrs.
Develop language skills, letter recognition, writing, spelling with many fun activities.

Living Books

Dr. Seuss's ABC

3-7 yrs.
1-800-397-4240 Learn sights and sounds of the alphabet with music and animation.


Ace Publisher

10-12 yrs.
Children learn grammar, editing and the business of publishing as they create, produce and learn to sell their own manuscripts.

Optimum Resources

Adventures in Fairyland

Story, coloring and puzzle program based on favorite fairy tales plus creativity, thinking and many levels of play.

Philips Media

Fun with Electronics

8-12 yrs.
Teaches the child basic principles of electricity with a toolbox to complete 25 projects.

Dr. Toy's Response to the concerned mom with an ll month old who wonders if her baby is getting enough stimulation. Dr. Toy suggests, enjoy each day and share discoveries. Talk, sing and use selected developmentally appropriate playthings, but most of all relax. Don't push yourself or your baby. Learning comes through natural play, fun and laughter. Watch her. Your baby takes it all in. The quality of the time you spend together is what is most important.

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