Dr. Toy: Best Socially Responsible Products

As your child grows, they become more aware of the world around them. They begin to notice that some people look for speak differently. They notice they live in a constantly changing and delicate environment. How can we help them learn to interact with other people and the environment in a responsible manner? First and foremost, adults need to show good examples. As a concerned parent there is a lot you can do to help your child learn the basics of social responsibility. There is so much to learn about the environment, geography, cultural diversity, physical differences and respect for all living things.

Much learning takes place away from school. The activities and playtime your child participates in are excellent opportunities to learn. There are many products available to help your child learn about responsibility. Look for these products to give your child some specific guidance.


Mini Greenhouse

4-8 yrs.
Seed starter set complete with pots, book helps discover wonders of starting seeds;

Cultural Toys

Soft Baby Blocks

3 mos-24 mos
Multicultural, soft, musical blocks with African inspired fabric;

Fanny's Play House

Doll's Disability Equipment

3-8 yrs.
Children understand disabilities with devices that fits 14" doll includes wheelchair, crutch and leg brace.

Great American Puzzle Factory

Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?

4-8 yrs.
Colorful, sturdy puzzle and book helps the child to learn about the states.

Leeko Industries

Sticky Situations

3-8 yrs.
Handle difficult times when important issues need to be discussed.

One World Toys

Kids on the Go Playset

3-5 yrs.
Ethnically diverse, posable figures to have fun in an imaginative playset.

Toy Biz

Gerber Hispanic-American Talking Baby Doll

12-36 mos.
Children benefit from learning words in Spanish and doll play.

Twin Sisters Productions

Safe and Sound

5-12 yrs.
Children can learn the skills and self-confidence to avoid being victims.


Discovery of An Amazing Planet

Card based game has 1,200 questions exploring each continent.

W. J Fantasy

Games Around the World

Games from 12 countries including Checkers (France), Tic-Tac-Toe (Egypt), Snakes and Ladders (India). This array of products is a world of fun for children and they will gain knowledge to help them make this a better world.

Let's play!

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