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Many new and innovative software programs exist for all ages. The choices vary and include games, skill building and understanding more about the world. There are software products in a wide range of topics. Every day new and innovative offerings are brought to the market place. We want to reduce the time it takes to learn about excellent products. You may check our web site for up to date information or write for the current best product's list (see below). We would like to hear about your child's computer and product experiences especially programs you find of value. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Expert Software

Brain Quest Multimedia

3-12 yrs.
This series is packaged with each of two grades together and will educate and entertain children from preschool through grades 7. Designed to offer information plus video, photography and animation. Helps child to understand questions and learn answers through a series of games. The correct answers are rewarded with encouragement. They can easily gain additional information as quickly as they desire. Children are led through this fun, animated, learning program by children, a dinosaur friend and plenty of music. It is summertime. Players can choose one of the five dream bubbles to begin exploring fundamentals of English and Math. It is important for the child to practice skills during the summer. This software program makes it fun, an effortless way to learn many basics. Five different learning areas with three levels of difficulty are included: grammar, telling time, music, counting, math basics and painting.

Expert Software

Time Crusaders

9-12 yrs.
For the older child a challenging, skill building, delightful way to learn about ancient lands. The child will gain knowledge on three difficulty levels in basic physics, math, problem solving, grammar, logic, graphic design and decision making. The games include spelling bees, anagrams and math skills. Included is a place to create and print works of art. Child discovers physics plus learns ecology while managing a farm, harvesting crops and keeping the village alive in this intriguing multi-faceted project.

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