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Singing is something all children love. You can enhance your child's appreciation of music and different cultures by exposing them to a variety of music when you travel. Take along a tape recorder, ear phones and a variety of tapes. Your child will appreciate being able to listen, enjoy old favorites and learn new songs. Learning to read and play music is a great accomplishment. Many children become adept at this art if given a chance.Even if your child does not want to focus on being a serious musician learning the basics provides a lifetime benefit. Here is an excellent selection of musical opportunities for your child this summer.


hildren Learn Through Rhyme and Rhythm

Music 1

6-10 yrs.
Many children could learn to play the piano if given an opportunity to learn. All children benefit from learning more about music. This book provides basic lessons in understanding keys, octaves and notes. Illustrations are excellent. The tape is a perfect instructional aid. This also helps children appreciate music. A fan club is offered to reinforce learning. A simple, first keyboard instrument would be perfect to accompany this product.

Red Note Records

Hello World!

3-12 yrs.
Tape $10.00 / CD $15.00
Red Grammer, is an entertainer for all audiences. In these products he shares his wisdom about a wide range of feelings. There are ten original songs written by Red and Kathy Grammer and classic songs like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Topics include families spending time together, communication with love and respect and understanding the meaning of feelings. A delightful, musical treat for the whole family.

Soozaroo Music

A Song for All Sizes

2-10 yrs.
Tape $9.98 / CD $14.98
Talented musician Sooz provides a delightful, positive and pleasurable musical trip around the world. With rhythms from the Caribbean to the Bossa Nova of Brazil, Zydeco, Afro-pop, Jazz and much more the music from this multi-talented saxophonist- singer- songwriter-mother will keep your child happy as your whole family travels along. This is World Music at its best.

Let's play!

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