Dr. Toy: How Dr. Toy Selects the Best Childrens Products

Dr. Toy spends many months reviewing catalogs and products of all kinds for all ages. Included are books, tapes, toys, games, construction toys, dolls, software, CDs etc. She visits stores, talks to children, parents and teachers,grandparents, and many people in the industry. She searches not only for the hot new toy that will sell big, but also those wonderful products that will offer all children durability, value, and many extra qualities that mean so much. How to select the best from among so many excellent entries is a real challenge. Dr. Toy looks at many aspects of every product.

Some of Dr. Toy's criteria for Selecting Best Products are:

What do you look for when you buy a toy or a childrens product.? Please share your experiences and ideas with Dr. Toy.

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