Dr. Toy: High Tech Fun

Advances in electronics have produced many new learning and fun opportunities for children. Electronic products are often expensive. To obtain the most value from electronic products parents and children must understand how to use the them properly. Take the time to read the instructions. You will be able to help your child and avoid frustration on both your parts. You also might find that you enjoy playing with products yourself!

So many new products exist that offer great challenges and interesting information. Here are Dr. Toy's new high tech recommendations from my 100 Best list:

Big Top Productions

Keroppi Day Hopper

1-800-900-PLAY / 1-800-900-7529
CD/Software uses journal writing to bring out creative abilities and encourages self-expression. Organizational skills are developed with the calendar and address book. This product includes sound effects, extensive vocabulary, idea balloons filled with questions and decorative stickers.


Multimedia Bug Book

5-10 yrs.
This CD bug collection teaches about bugs as they are found and identified. Ecology and habitats are part of the discovery process.

Tiger Electronics

LapTop Smarts

6-10 yrs.
Children are fascinated by laptop computers and now they can have their own. This one is loaded with spelling, math, reading, puzzles and more. The activities appear on the screen and the child can indicate exactly what they want to do. Plenty of fun, animated graphics, data base plus portable features. Additional cartridges available.


Little Smart Touch & Learn Gym

3-36 mos.
Practical, innovative activity gym offers many great features including electronic speech, music and sounds. Bright colored activity panel attaches to crib or freestanding on sturdy legs. Stimulates baby to reach out, touch and enjoy responses. Baby will enjoy free standing position of the activity gym for easy interaction.


My Super Magic Diary

8-12 yrs.
1-800-YO-CASIO / 1-800-962-2746
Amazing unit that kids can use to send messages to each other up to 30 ft away. Unit responds to 12 different commands by wave of the hand. One hundred entries can be made of names, pertinent information, plus scheduling and a diary. Product is multilingual with secret password to protect contents. What more can you want in technology?

SC & T

Multimedia Keyboard

5-12 yrs.
Highest quality stereo sound for learning and entertainment for your child's favorite CD's are featured in this space-saving, tactile keyboard with built in microphone for recording, downloading and copying.

Dr. Toy responds to parent with 10 year old deaf child who wants more educational resources for him. Dr. Toy suggests using visuals to fortify reading and recogition skills such as some of the appropriate products included here. The computer will be one of your child's greatest resources to self-discovery.

Let's play!

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