Dr. Toy: Travel - Fun EnRoute

Traveling is safer and more enjoyable when children have activities to keep them occupied. Dr. Toy suggests putting together a Kid's Travel Bag that includes a variety of books, maps, tapes, activity sets and games. It will always be ready and make both short and long trips more fun! Here are some recommendations to pack in your kid's travel bag. They will make the trip and time spent at the destination even more fun.

Colorama Creations

Rolocolor Coloring Desk

4-10 yrs.
This is a refillable activity center with a 22 ft. roll of paper to roll along, decorate and be creative for many hours. The theme for each desk relates to type of activities-animals, ocean, zoo, ballerina or a blank, create your own. 8 non-toxic crayons with sharpener comes with each set plus a handy storage for the crayons. This is fun for home or car. The desk and imagination will keep your little artist busy and happy for many miles.

LEGO Systems

LEGO System Playtable

3-8 yrs.
This is the perfect travel companion for your little builder. Bright colors (red, yellow and green) fit LEGO fun perfectly. Its legs folds easily and has a large handle for travel. With storage bins for a plentiful supply of LEGO bricks and any of those desired special pieces, this sturdy, easy to clean playtable will get a lot of wear and hold up well. Use this practical playtable at home or anywhere to hold your child's construction activities.

Let's play!

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