Dr. Toy: Food

Food is the subject of a good number of toys and games. Preschoolers love to play kitchen with replicas of real food to prepare. Children can learn where food is grown through videos, trips to a farm or dairy, and they can play games about food. These products are new, different and offer to your child an opportunity to learn more about food.

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2-8 yrs
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Blocks with a different twist. These 16 easy stackable blocks become game pieces for 15 fun, educational games. From apple to zucchini these well-illustrated food blocks will remind your child of 48 different foods that are good and available to eat. Helping the child with motor skill development, eye hand coordination and learning nutrition are all part of playing with this innovative and delicious looking product.

Dr. Toy responds to a parent with a child who does not like to eat a balanced meal and prefers sweets and snacks. Dr. Toy suggests that you explore the importance of being healthy and exercising. Children will benefit from the games that help them to understand the importance of nutrition and how it benefits them now and later on so they are strong and able to function well.

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