Dr.Toy: Fantasy Play

Creativity and communication are important aspects of a child's development. How can you help your child be creative and communicate more easily? Puppets and dolls aid in communication, improvised dialogue, warmth and comfort. Every child uses imagination playing with puppets, dolls, costumes and playhouses. Sometimes a large box, prop, or fun hat are all the child needs to create a world of their own. A doll house will provide hours hours of family play. Even a shoebox can be made into a fantasy room.

A fun hat transforms playtime to whatever the child wants. Adding a construction helmet puts your child is taking charge at a site. You can enhance the experience and add fun with visits to actual sites and videos and books on the subject. Do building projects like a doll house or a small wooden toy your child can decorate and use. Expand your child's imagination with these puppets, dolls and toys that are part of Dr. Toy's 100 Best.


Sesame Street Sleeve/Body Puppets

1-5 yrs.
Show characters come to life with easy to slip over the arm puppets of Bert, Ernie, Oscar, and all the rest, in sizes from 10"-18" for Big Bird, of course.

Manhattan Toy Company

Looney Bird Puppets

2-8 yrs.
800-541-1345. These fun, colorful hand puppets are soft, safe, easy to use and will soon become your child's favorite pets.


Finger Puppets

2-5 yrs.
1-800-654- 8922
Select wonderful plush creatures from among bee, butterfly, chick, ladybug, rabbit, spider, turtle and even a worm in an apple for making up stories.


Les Calins Malins

3-8 yrs.
High quality, huggable, movable baby doll in five styles including African American created by the award winning French designer, Catherine Refabert.


Suzie Stretch

3-8 yrs.
1-800-268- 1733
A doll as big as the child can be tied on to her shoes to be a close, cheerful playmate.

The Ertl Company

Coochy Coo Baby

3-7 yrs.
1-800-243- 3785
Realistic, soft baby doll with amazing features makes sounds when touched, giggles when tickled, drinks when fed with magic bottle and is content with her pacifier.

Toy Max


8-12 yrs.
1-800-358-TOYS / 1-800-358-8697
Glamour Goop goes into molding trays with decorations to pop into molding oven and soon magically dolls are ready dressed as the young designer wants them are ready to be posed in nearest dollhouse.

Lewis Galoob Toys

My Pretty Dollhouse

4-8 yrs.
Innovative dollhouse with 4 rooms of furniture, miniature figures and plenty of accessories for inside and outside will provide fun for young homeowners.

Learning Passport

Imagination Place

2-8 yrs.
1-800-U-LEARN-2 / 1-800-853-2762
Complete hardwood art center with easel, chalkboards and panels for dry erase or washable markers converts into a playstore, dollhouse, fire station, and puppet theatre.

Weeks Juvenile Products

Little Contractor

6-12 yrs.
1-800-400-TOYS / 1-800-400-8697
Safe, realistic replica of real working tools including hammer, tape measure, level, flashlight and leather tool belt and pouch. Add hard hat and your child can play construction business. Your child will want to wear it on site.

Let's play!

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