Dr. Toy: Best Creative Products

Have you noticed how much children love to draw, paint, build and create? They are naturally curious about the arts and enjoy active, sometimes messy self-expression. It doesn't cost much for your child to have creative fun with fingerpaints, watercolors or crayons. Older children like hobbies and crafts. Making things is a great activity to share.

Put together a 'Create It! Box' full of recycled items, art supplies, assorted paper, fabric, magazines and safe scissors and paste. The assistance of these great products selected as Dr. Toy's Best will stimulate your child's expanding imagination:

Children's Out of School Time

Activity Club Kits

6-12 yrs.
Kits help launch interests and hobbies with masks, birds, photography and clock projects for great after school skill building fun.


Little Bits o' Paints

3-8 yrs.
Bright, non-toxic, easy cleaning colors gives the right amount of paint plus simple coloring experiences and instructional cards.

Creative Toy

Color 'N' Play Colorforms

3-5 yrs.
A travel box filled with crayons, sharpener, ruler, basic shapes, stencil. Includes 8 color and play alphabet cards to fill in and learn the alphabet.

Curiosity Kits

My Medieval Fairy Tale Adventure

4-8 yrs.
1-800-584-KITS / 1-800-584-5487
Story and coloring book, sachet pouch to glue together then decorate and fill with potpourri, amulet necklace, pointed hat, flag and musical wand of ribbons.

Hero Arts

Animal Tracks

8-12 yrs.
Twelve paw imprints of deer, squirrel, bird, bear, etc. to connect to information and art projects, contained in a clear storage box.


KAPLA Blocks

3-13 yrs.
Two hundred perfectly shaped blocks offer hours of creativity, Your young architect will enjoy following suggestions in book or his or her own inspirations.

Living and Learning

Eureka! I'm An Inventor

8-12 yrs.
Projects include making a burglar alarm, racing car and fan. A well illustrated, 16 page booklet provides the directions a young inventor needs.


Hyper Peppy

10-12 yrs.
Easy to assemble, for your young hobbyist or scientist, super intelligent robot with touch and sound sensor, changes direction when in contact or a loud noise.

Pastime Industries

Country Bouquet

8-12 yrs.
Complete with full illustrations and everything a young florist needs to create a bouquet of flowers and a vase and beautify their room.


The Farm

4-10 yrs.
1-800-WREBBIT / 1-800-973-2248
3-D jigsaw puzzles teaches manual dexterity while constructing a great looking farm (55 pieces) with building and little play people.

Dr. Toy responds to father who is seeking a new and positive way to have fun with his 8 year old stepson. Dr. Toy suggests taking up a hobby together that will be fun for both of you. Many possibilities include building train layout, miniature cars, planes. kites or other art or construction projects. The most important part is having fun together as friends.

Let's play!

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