Dr. Toy: Busy Hands

Summer time is a great time to start a new skill. Children enjoy learning how to make new things like useful decorations, toys, or gifts. However, they will need your help until they become adept at their new skills. You will need to devote some time to help them learn. Be patient and have fun.

Sometimes learning is a challenge. Here are some tips to avoide frustration on both the parents and children's parts. Start by reading the directions aloud. Make sure all of the needed items are handy. Be nearby in case extra asssitance is required. Some things can be made by the child and others are great to do together. Here are a few creative ones to start with:


Dress Up Dolls Sewing Kit

7-12 yrs.
800-666-ALEX (2539)
A great new product to help your child learn the basics of sewing and embroidery while having fun making something they will play with. The kit is complete with three 7" dolls plus enough materials and accessories to make 4 interchangeable outfits. Also included are thread, needles, needle threader, pin cushion, trim and buttons with easy instructions. This is a great idea for those little fingers that might otherwise not learn these important, basic skills. The finished dolls can be kept by your child or given as a gift to a friend.


Papier Mache Kit

5-8 yrs
1-800-666-ALEX / 1-800-666-2539
This is a terrific idea for recycling old newspapers and creating new works of art. There is a full color instruction booklet for dozens of projects and ideas. Your child can learn to make plates, bowls, pictures, and a lot more out of papier mache. Included in the kit are shapes, picture frames, trays, paper plates, tape, pipe cleaners, balloons, cardboard, construction paper, paints and brushes and varnish. A great value. These are projects that will keep your child busy doing fun, creative projects that are decorative and useful.

Let's play!

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