Dr. Toy: Best Audio Tapes

Ever wonder how to make a car or plane trip with your kids more enjoyable? The value of audio tapes are that they pack well, can be enjoyed without anyone else being disturbed and provide the child with a good variety of entertainment plus learning. You need only find a tape recorder and ear phones, select the right tapes and start packing. Your kids will find tapes fun when they want a break, are resting in their rooms or waiting impatiently for dinner. Tapes choices will depend on your child's age and interests. Consider these tapes from among Dr. Toy's Best:

Educational Activities

The Dog Ate My Homework

3-8 yrs.
Children learn social skills including respect, good manners and other important skills.

Pearce-Evetts Productions

Fingerplays and Action Chants: Animals

2-6 yrs.
Games and 13 songs sung by talented teacher with an illustrated 64-page booklet with words and simple directions.

Rock 'N Learn


2-5 yrs.
Over 60 animals from housepets, farms, forest and zoos are combined into a book and tape set that offers sounds, habitats and traits. Songs, games and activities are included.

Spizzirri Publishing

Library Album

2-10 yrs.
Books and tapes on themes of nature including birds, reptiles, fish, dogs, cats, whales, transportation, native Americans, pioneers, dinosaurs and more. Children can read, color, listen and learn. Some books are available in English and Spanish.


Yello Dino's Can't Fool Me!

3-10 yrs.
Songs and common sense for children to learn to protect themselves from strangers or from being lost, molested, or abducted. The program includes safety devices.

Let's play!

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