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Dr. Toy's Children's Products Awards Programs

This section provides guidelines for companies to submit products for review by Dr. Toy.

New Submissions

There are four award programs held by Dr. Toy each year. Any company with a product suitable for consideration in Dr. Toy's Award Programs is invited to do the following:

Send Dr. Toy a press kit and catalog along with a cover letter to the address below, or with the subject: Toy Programs 2006. (Note that entries deadlines for all 2006 programs are now past. Information and dates about the 2007 programs will soon be posted.)

We request you followup on your email with one page of product information/description. A press kit is not necessary to send with query. It can be sent with the product entry.

If Dr. Toy agrees that the product(s) should be evaluated, then you will be sent an application and further instructions. Do not send the product(s) ahead of time. There is no guarantee of selection. No materials are returned. If not evaluated and included in one of the programs, it will be donated to a needy children's program.

Only a limited number of products that fit a lengthy set of criteria are selected.

Send your questions via fax to 510-540-0171, or .

Thank you for your interest, understanding and response to our programs!

Dr. Toy's Schedule for Best Product's Awards Programs 2006

Review website for previous award programs and more information.

Graphics Files

To have an image of your award-winning product displayed on our website, attach an image file and , or send a copy on a diskette or photograph to the street address listed below.

Our goal is to have the pages load quickly (not everyone has DSL or cable modems), so the images are generally reduced in size.

We are aiming for a uniform 250 pixel square.

Please indicate in your mail:

Text Files

Plain ASCII, (best) or a common word processing format. You can send text to Staci. .

If you are using Macintosh, please save your MS Word or other word processing files to PC format (an option generally available on any of today's word processing applications).

Dr. Toy Award Seal Information

Award Seal stickers can be ordered from Proper Publishing (

High Resolution, Print Quality Award Seal graphics files

Digital images of Award Seals (1996 to 2005)

Mailing Address

Dr. Toy
Institute for Childhood Resources
268 Bush St.,
San Francisco, CA

For any questions about your entry or to request an application: .

In addition to email, for your convenience:

Vox: 800-551-8697

Fax: 510-540-0171

Thank you for your interest!

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