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Idiot's Guide To Cashing In


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Complete Idiot's Guide To
Cashing In On Your Inventions

by Richard C. Levy
ISBN: 0028642201

September 28, 2001

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Comments About The The Complete Idiot's Guide To
Cashing In On Your Inventions

  • Richard Levy's new book is the complete guide to success as a creative inventor. Essential inside scoop on all aspects. Sure- proof methods - Bright tips, brief blasts, brilliant bits-for those who follow the book- big biz beckons.

    Dr. Stevanne Auerback, aka Dr. Toy

  • Because he is passionate about extending a helping hand to other inventors and entrepreneurs, Richard Levy has been sharing his rich experience for many years. As an author of several inventor-help books and a popular lecturer at conferences and seminars - - frequently at his own expense - - Levy tells his stories. He has a vast array of success stories to relate, yet he's quick to draw upon his non-successes, as well. They often hold the most valuable lessons.

    On many occasions, I've enjoyed the pleasure of sharing a podium with Richard Levy, always marveling at his grasp of the art and nuance of commercialization. I have long envied his skill at keeping his audiences riveted with insightful and entertaining dialogue. Happily, the following pages capture that same spirit and obvious passion for helping inventors reach their goals.

    The American Dream lives, and Richard Levy is here with this great book to help inventors and entrepreneurs learn how to be a part of it.

    So, settle back, fasten your seat belt, and turn the page. Richard Levy will be your skilled pilot as he helps your great idea take flight - - while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

    Donald Grant Kelly
    Academy of Applied Science
    Founding Director
    USPTO Office of Independent Inventor Programs

  • Richard knows thoroughly the most valuable aspect of any invention -- how to market it -- and explains this in language that everyone can understand.

    Paul Harris
    Technology Business

  • Richard's knowledge of and experience in sales and marketing have been a valuable resource to the independent inventor community.

    Richard J. "Dick" Apley
    Director, Office of Independent Inventor Programs
    Under Secretary and Commissioner's Office
    U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

  • Richard Levy is a modern day alchemist. He can heat up golden ideas until they melt into rich reality.

    Caspar Weinberger, Jr.
    Abracadabra Music Corporation

  • Richard's advice will drop to your company's bottom line. Our profits have increased since he showed me the way to commercialize our inventions.

    Bruce Dunson
    Metrica, Inc.

  • Richard has been a master at inventing and marketing scores of successful products during the more than 20 years that I have known him.

    Greg Hyman
    Tickle Me Elmo!

  • Inventing great product is easy - taking your inventions to the grave is also easy. Richard shows you how to avoid the latter.

    Ron Milner
    Atari 2600

  • An authoritative yet highly readable guide through what is often a bewildering subject.

    Michael Ross
    Executive Vice President
    The World Book

  • [Richard] turns ideas into cold, hard cash.he gets people to put up money for his ideas.

    The Learning Annex Magazine

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