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Keys to Choosing Child Care


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Keys to Choosing Child Care (Barron's Parenting Keys by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D
Barrons Educational Series
ISBN: 0812045270
Paperback - 152 pages (May 1991)

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Comments About The Keys to Choosing Child Care

  • All working parents will want to read this book. It tells what to look for when selecting day care centers, nursery schools, or even individual baby sitters. It discusses the ways to judge a center's degree of professionalism in overseeing children, its play facilities, food service, sanitary and health care.


  • Excellent Guide
  • Excellent guide for parents needing information on any and all aspects of childcare.
  • Exceptionally well written and informative.
  • It covers all the things parents need to think about. I like its detail and will recommend it to any parent. We ordered it for our library.
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