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Sababa Toys

Dragonology™: The Game

Age Range
8 - 12
Board Game

Game challenges children and parents alike to travel the world by air, land, and sea, mastering dragons, and engaging in duals in their pursuit to win. It is very interactive, allowing kids to play in an imaginative way that brings the world of dragons to life. The twist on the book and the game is that they both teach kids about embracing and respecting dragons versus slaying them. Game players follow in the footsteps of, traveling the world by rolling dice, and moving via unique modes of transport like hot air balloons, elephants and steamboats. As they travel players collect bits of knowledge on a dragon and when three bits of knowledge are obtained, they have mastered that dragon. The challenge is that players don’t know which dragons others are collecting and to win you must collect three dragons. The game includes nine collectible mini dragons and six sculpted Dragonologist play pieces. Dragonology™ will entertain kids for hours.


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