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Carson Optical

zPix Digital Microscope

Age Range
8 - 12
Arts & Crafts - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Hobby

Bring the world of discovery into close focus with the new Carson zPix Digital Microscope. Unlike traditional optical microscopes, The zPix digital microscope is equipped with a VGA resolution PC camera along with a 5X optical zoom lens system. Depending on the optical zoom level chosen, the camera's sensor picks up the image from the lens and displays the image on your computer monitor in a magnification range of 26X - 130X. It is easy to use and ready to display the fine details of specimens and objects as live images right on the computer screen. The zPix’s integrated camera transfers the images to the screen for immediate viewing or is capable of capturing still images with a click of the shutter button—to save for future viewing, printing, cataloging or pasting into reports or presentations. The zPix also offers video capture. With a zoom range of 26X - 130X, the zPix is ready to explore the exciting world just beyond what the naked eye can see. A great gift idea to inspire learning, the zPix is sure to spark the interest of any future entomologist—while viewing a living, glowing firefly; captivate a budding botanist—while studying a sprouting seed; or fascinate a potential CSI—with the uniqueness of a fingerprint. The zPix is also an affordable and efficient teaching aide, it allows a whole classroom to gather around a computer screen and study the same specimen at the same time. Lightweight, portable and operable with one hand, the zPix Digital Microscope is USB 2.0 powered to work right on your desktop. Simply install the PC driver software on your computer, plug in the zPix microscope to the USB port and the internal light powers on to illuminate magnified objects for a bright, clear image. To select the desired magnification, just dial in the power with the magnification ring and adjust focus with the focus ring. The zPix also offers two options to examine specimens close-up. Either attach the specimen base, with built in stage, to observe prepared slides in a stationary position—or remove it to maneuver over live specimens and large objects, or across flat images like proof sheets, drawings or patterns.


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