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I Can Do That Games

Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That! Game

Age Range
4 - 8
Active Toy - Activity Product - Board Game - Fantasy Play - Toy

Game brings to life the beloved Dr. Seuss book giving kids a new and incredibly fun way to experience this classic Dr. Seuss Story. Start by flipping over three cards to discover your new challenge. What will it be? Can you jump up and down while holding the fish under you chin? Can you limbo under the trick-a-ma-stick while balancing the boat on your stomach? If you think you can, shout, I Can Do That! Jump into the fun and discover all the new things you can do! This game helps kids discover their own abilities, encourages self-confidence, promotes reading skills, and develops memory skills. It is a high energy game that gets kids jumping, balancing, sliding and giggling to celebrate all the things that they can do. Includes Trick-a-ma-stick Foam Bar, 33 Activity Cards, 9 game pieces right out of the Cat in the Hat story by Dr. Seuss, including the Cake, Ball, Book, Fish, Gown, Fan, Rate, Toy Man, and Boat.


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