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Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc

Shield Finger Guard, The

Age Range
0 - 12
Socially Responsible

A unique safety device that protects fingers from horrifying injuries and amputations at the hinge side of doors, yet still allows doors to open and close freely. The Shield Finger Guard installs easily with special mounting adhesive and removes when no longer needed. It measures 39" in height - you may install one Shield above the other for added height to protect older children and adults. With hundreds of thousands of injuries at the hinge side of doors over the past several years, many involving amputations, this is the alternative to the high-priced, often difficult to install, PVC guards on the market. Homes, Pre-Ks, Kindergartens, child care centers, after school care, elementary schools, and summer camps anywhere that welcomes or cares for children needs to protect them from injury. By fitting The Shield children and adults will help accomplish this.


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