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Spin Master Toys

Aqua Dots Super Studio

Age Range
4 - 7
Arts & Crafts - Active Toy - Construction Toy - Creative Product - Hobby - Novelty - Toy

An exciting new arts and crafts toy that allows your child to connect colorful dots to create cool designs. Itís simple to use but most of all it is mess free! All you need is a little water and your imagination. Just make, spray and stay, and your Aqua Dots creation will magically form together when sprayed with water. Aqua Dots is the only craft toy with beads that doesnít require any heat or glue, just water. Aqua Dots are a great unsupervised activity that promotes creative expression and interactive play. Anyone can decorate using the templates provided or their imagination. Whether itís your notebook or picture frame the possibilities are endless, as Aqua Dots does not damage the surface. The Aqua Dots Super Studio has everything you need for the complete Aqua Dots experience. The built in dryer makes finishing off your creations quick and easy. Aqua Dots Super Studio includes: 500 beads, two trays, five double sided templates, two booklets, spray bottle, dryer and pen dispenser.


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