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Desert Hothouse

Age Range
4 - 12
Arts & Crafts - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Novelty - Science - Socially Responsible - Toy

Grow exotic plants from around the world in beautiful windowsill greenhouses. The design of this greenhouse is inspired from famous conservatories. Create your own sandy, dusty desert scene with the Desert Hothouse. This windowsill greenhouse comes complete with a variety of cacti and succulents including the Giant Sagauro, Prickly Pear, Golden Barrel Cactus, Joshua Tree, Century Plant, and many more! Design a desert landscape with the included gravel, sand, boulders, and desert friends! Easy-to-grow plants will start sprouting in a week and will last for years. The plants in the Desert Hothouse also naturally mimic the art of Japanese Bonsai. A comprehensive instruction and care manual is included in this all-inclusive, educational product. It contains a plethora of information on the seeds contained in the kit, as well as the history of terrariums, information on succulents and cacti, and much more. Children can learn all about water conservation and how certain plants are more adept with it, and why. This exciting terrarium also shows how desert plants have adapted to life over numerous generations. This terrarium is created in a way that is very easy for children to use and learn from.


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