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Scientific Explorer

My First Airplane Kit

Age Range
6 - 10
Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Science - Socially Responsible

Welcome young pilots! This kit has everything a pilot-in-training needs. Construct and decorate a balsa glider to learn about flight! Then, use parts of your balsa glider with interchangeable cardboard wings to make four more awesome trick planes. You can even make a plane corkscrew through the air. Next, with a rubber band slingshot, you can launch a super fast foam jet plane through the air! You’ll use your custom aircrafts to conduct flight experiments and learn all about how planes soar through the sky. Also included are 8 full-color cards with pictures and information about the coolest planes in the world. Get ready to spread your wings! Contents: 3 Paintbrush pens, 2 Sheets decals, 2 Wing and tail template sheets, 1 Balsa body, 1 Balsa horizontal tail, 1 Balsa vertical tail, 1 Balsa wing, 1 Foam plane, 1 Foam plane launcher, 1 Balloon, 1 Sheet labels, 8 Full-color cards, 1 Science and activity guide. Dimension: 10” x 2 ¾” x 12”


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