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Smarty Pants Press

Rap-n-Rhyme CD

Age Range
3 - 5
Active Toy - CD - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Musical - Travel Item

Chant and rap to nursery rhyme favorites your child will clap hands, move the body and sing along. Introducing your child to nursery rhymes gives an appropriate and engaging way to strengthen and identify, differentiate and produce the sounds that are the building blocks of language. Music engages the senses and stimulates the whole mind and body. You will see how much fun your child has chanting nursery rhymes. A fun and dynamic collection with a unique twist. The rhymes are presented in a music style and format that engages young children. Introduces children to eight nursery rhyme favorites performed in the music style of rap. Each rhyme is presented in five versions to help children memorize the words while supporting an important pre-reading skill, the ability to hear and distinguish individual sounds of language. The nursery rhymes presented are: Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle, Little Boy Blue, The Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe, Old Mother Hubbard, Pat-a-Cake, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Note: The entire compilation repeats for a total of 80 tracks. Children love rhymes, chants, songs and books that have rhythm, rhyme and repetition. Children and parents alike to enjoy these sounds and to paint colorful pictures in their minds. Nursery rhymes shared with young children are a powerful first step toward learning to read. When children memorize, recite and perform nursery rhymes they are developing listening and speaking skills in a joyful, non-threatening context and assists them in reading and self expression.


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