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North American Bear

My Own Monsters

Age Range
3 - 5
Plush - Socially Responsible - Toy

A colorful soft collection of fun fiends designed exclusively by kids for kids! Capturing the vivid imagination of children everywhere, My Own Monsters characterize universal children’s phobias with heartwarming charm to help make the big scary world a much friendlier place. Each My Own Monster has a unique name and a special story of their own on their personalized hangtag: Solar Beam – With feet of flames and a fear of being alone, this red monster is out of this world and “always nice to everyone.” Supper Hero – On a mission to fight food phobia, he’s not afraid to try anything new. His cape is a napkin to keep him spotless as he licks his plate clean. “Even monsters have manners!” Sharky – Part monster, part shark, but he can’t swim very well and doesn’t like public pools. He’s always happy thinking about snacks “…especially ones that move slow.” Yucky – Always on the lookout for relatives who sneak attack with hugs too tight, Yucky has very big hands to “wipe off kisses from big people” who love him. Claws – The protector of children who go to bed promptly at night, Claws has super long fingers to reach the light switch and “a special eye” that can see in the dark to keep kids safe. Oliver 11” – Pink is so distinct on this long-haired monster sporting a princess crown and a heart-shaped eye. “Oliver has no arms and legs, but that’s ok. Everyone is different.” Penguino – A waddling, winter wonder who knows his geography and is quite content with the mystery of Santa. “He does not know Santa Claus because Santa lives at the North Pole and Penguino lives at the South Pole.” Protecting children from the terrors of the dark, vegetables, being alone and all dreaded unknowns, these distinctive characters provide comforting companionship while allaying young fears. Machine washable monsters are safe for all ages and truly a gratifying gift of comfort beyond the ordinary with their charitable hearts. A portion of all North American Bear monster sales is donated to Global Action for Children, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping vulnerable children in the developing world. To learn more, visit


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