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Little Laureate LLC

My World Gallery

Age Range
6 m - 2 y
CD - Educational Skills Product - DVD

This new multimedia product present interactive learning opportunities for children and adults. The series uses art as an educational touchstone to expose viewers to the world. Each title includes both a 30-minute interactive DVD and a CD with more than an hour of classical music. The first two titles are “My World Gallery,” a tour of over 500 years of the world’s greatest art, and “My World Adventure,” a cross-cultural journey to each of the seven continents. On the DVD, paintings come alive in synchronized with a fully orchestrated score that includes Mozart and Beethoven, allowing viewers to experience the rhythms, textures and patterns in the art and the music. Thoughtful connections are made between the art and the real world to further inspire young viewers. This is the first feature to offer a continuous onscreen learning guide for adults. Provides education, information and inspiration, as well as art activities for the whole family.


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