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Pictoria Records

The Ballad of Phineas McBoof

Age Range
5 - 11
CD - Fantasy Play - Musical - Travel Item

Join Doctor Noize for imaginative family music. A musical odyssey about a rock star monkey from the Island of Thelonious who explores a world of music, from rock to classical, to country-western and jazz. The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, which features top flight vocal and instrumental talent. Doctor Noize (aka Cory Cullinan), a musical Renaissance man sings and plays keyboards, guitar, percussion, saxophone, and a kazoo and is a former high school music teacher, singer-songwriter Phineas McBoof is a rock and roll phenomenon. Fans go through the roof when he performs. It gets so bad that he can't even hear himself sing his catchy pop hit, “Don’t Monkey with My Heart,” at his concerts anymore. Even Phineas isn’t sure how he became so popular. So, Doctor Noize recounts the whole story of how Phineas leaves his fame and fortune behind to travel the world and form his amazing new band, The International Band Of Misunderstood Geniuses – phenomenal underwater percussionist Backbone The Octopus, boffo bassist Bottomus The Hip Popotamus, electronic wizard Riley the Robot, and fantabulous fiddler Lenny Long Tail. The hootin-tootin’ horn section is made up of a group of nearly scary jazzy monsters. By the end of the CD, Phineas' plan to flee fame proves fleeting -- his new band is becoming world famous in its own right.


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