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Tinker Minds

Aerobloks by Tinker Minds™-Bubble Play System

Age Range
4 - 8
Active Toy - CD - Construction Toy - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Fantasy Play

Play system of individual air cushions designed to latch together quickly and easily and stable enough for full interactions. Two shapes (square/triangle) and measure 20x20x5” when fully inflated. The cushions have been tested to withstand up to 145 lbs. of sitting weight and occasional jumping on by small children. Each package comes complete with 10 squares and 2 triangles, an Activities and Building Plans Guide CD, and a foot pump. It complies with the product safety standards of EN-71 and ASTM for ages 3+. There is no maintenance required. Simply inflate, play, deflate, and put away. Engineered with ergonomic principles creates a balance between intellectual stimulation and active play. Children experience and apply principles in architecture, engineering, and geometry as they conceptualize and build each new life-size play structure. They become actively engaged in the construction of their own creations by lifting, balancing, maneuvering, and at times stretching their bodies to connect tight corners. In doing so they exercise their bodies and minds while having great fun. The play system can be used alone or in a team setting where socialization, communications, leadership, and project management skills are all put to test. The end result of a successful large structure is often hours of fun and life-long confidence building. Rarely is a product suitable for a wide range of ages. This is not the case for AeroBloks. Becomes the perfect resource for the Do-It-Yourself team of youngsters. Totally unique, carefully engineered play system is an exciting, versatile, cost-effective and highly education resource.


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